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Are You Dating a Con Artist? Find Out Here! | Christian Activities

articles | Are You Dating a Con Artist? Find Out Here! | Christian Activities

Dating tips on how to tell if your boyfriend is conning you, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

Patriots For Economic Freedom Offends Conservatives with Spam Onslaught

Patriots For Economic Freedom - a federal political action committee has no shame. In their efforts to defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz they resort to a continuous spam technique that has conservative who really don't like Debbie equally offended by Joe Kaufman, the candidate
Patriots For Economic Freedom keeps pushing on us. Ignoring multiple requests to be removed from the list, the negative spammy messages keep filling up my inbox -- sometimes twice a day.

To make matters worse, most conservatives already know Schultz is a left-wing lacky, but instead of telling us anything substantial about Kaufman, the spammy messages just continue to tell us all the bad things about Debbie. Don't get me wrong -- I no longer want to know ANYTHING about Kaufman after the barrage of spam, but Patriots For Economic Freedom has certainly done NOTHING to earn votes for Kaufman.

I thought there were laws about adding people to lists without permission and not allowing them to unsubscribe from unwanted emails but perhaps those don't apply to political spam. Laws or no laws, the ethical and polite thing to do is to remove someone who requests it. If Joe Kaufman's campaign is already ignoring common sense and good manners, it does not bode well for him as a candidate.

Dear Patriots For Economic Freedom. If you do see this post, would you finally do me that favor I have requested politely several times now and REMOVE ME from your spam list?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Syrian Refugees Need Aid? So do the Disabled, Sick, Widows, Orphans & Vets | Christian Activities

 I don't have the answer on the Syrian refugee crisis. It is a complicated issue. Maybe my own story will shed some light one one angle of the debate. I don't plan to address the elephant in the room -- the fact some of these "starving refugees" look like strapping, seasoned soldiers and potential terrorists, because that is not a topic I feel qualified to discuss. But here is the OTHER problem I see with bringing these refugees into our communities.

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Syrian Refugees Need Aid? So do the Disabled, Sick, Widows, Orphans & Vets | Christian Activities

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Choosing the Less-Traveled Road

"The Road Less Traveled" by Robert Frost has resonated with me since junior high. I have often taken the road less traveled in my life both figuratively and literally.

Yesterday my hiking buddy Lisa and I literally took the road less traveled on the Hike for the Homeless opting for the longer walk even though she has a bad knee and I am having some issues with my hip. We both left feeling a bit whipped but exhilarated. The road less traveled will do that to you.

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Taking the Road Less Traveled -- Christian Activities

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Día de los Muertos draws crowd to Cheekwood Botanical Garden

The 16th annual Día de los Muertos took place Oct. 24 at Cheekwood Botanical Garden in Belle Meade. The popular Latin American family celebration was filled with activities including live performances, an international marketplace, food trucks with Latin cuisine and interactive art activities for everyone.

Translated as “Day of the Dead,” Día de los Muertos is a day-long celebration for Nashville’s Hispanic population as well as for families throughout the area.

The colorful festivities included face painting, shopping, watching the Aztec dancers, eating Mexican food at the food trucks, live music, coloring skull masks, interesting dolls, and enjoying the beautiful grounds all decked out for Cheekwood Harvest with flowers, pumpkins and scarecrows.

The weather was overcast but nice and crowds of all ages certainly enjoyed the festival.
Kathryn Darden with artist Julia Gauthier-Burciaga

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Monday, October 19, 2015

46th Dove Awards honors Christian music's best (photos) / Examiner

The 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards were handed out in 41 categories on Oct. 13 along with four special awards. Co-hosted by Erica Campbell and Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson, the night drew a record attendance at the Allen Arena on the campus of Lipscomb University.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

I have to brag on Apple tonight. After NINE MONTHS of calling Apple Care and going to the Genius Bar, and going through THREE PHONES and experiencing a lot of doubt from Apple that I was having all the problems I was saying I was having, they finally identified the problem as a bug in the first phone that transferred every time I backed up and restored my data. In other words, every time they gave me a new phone and told me to restore from my backup, the bug came along for the ride. So after losing so much time over this and peace of mind over this, Apple made it right.

Tonight Apple replaced my iPhone 6+ Gold with the new iPhone 6S Plus Gold with FOUR TIMES the storage of my original iPhone. This phone is just as thin but weighs more apparently due to sturdier components. I am very thankful and hopeful and optimistic this will be a wonderful solution and blessing.

Single women over 60 don't have a lot of power in this world, but single women who use social media to document an ongoing problem can sometimes prevail. And if you can get the right person at a big corporation to hear you, they will often do the right thing. Thank you Apple! I will make sure everyone I know is aware that you fixed the problem and stood behind your product.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Worm in My Apple: Part 3

Today marks the end of my ninth month with my Gold Apple iPhone 6+ and to celebrate, I spent another four hours on the phone with Apple Care. To say this journey has been a disappointment is a vast understatement. Calling it a nightmare would be more accurate.

I told Nikthia, the very nice and very helpful rep who helped me tonight (one of FOUR reps I spoke with tonight) that  I could have given birth during the time it is taking me to try to get the issues resolved.

Apparently I got a defective iPhone last December. When Apple convinced me it was my carrier and NOT the phone, and persuaded me to leave T-Mobile and go with the pricier Sprint, they gave me a new Sprint compatible phone and had me restore my old data from a backup. Apparently the bug was passed along with the backup making my 2nd phone also defective, but it has taken months to figure this out. I have been calling Sprint every few weeks asking them to help me reset my phone because I would lose my ability to connect to the internet when I was away from my WiFi. Sprint kept telling me I shouldn't have to call them so often, but I knew Apple was not going to want to hear I had a defective phone again.

However, gradually the bug spread. Not only was I frequently unable to connect to the internet when I wasn't at home, but I stopped being able to back up my phone. Then Siri stopped working.

I run a VIRTUAL BUSINESS from my phone -- it isn't just "inconvenient" not to be able to use it -- I lose money when I can't use it! 

Finally I had to call Apple last month to let them know this phone was also defective, but it has taken a month -- first to get them to take me seriously and then to get the software checked. Sure enough, after another 45-minute drive (one way) to the Genius Bar, they ran a diagnostic and found a problem with the software.

Then I had to try to back up my phone but as I mentioned -- I have had issues backing it up for months, so I was on the phone for hours trying to get it backed up. Finally I got the new phone after another hour and a half round trip to the Genius Bar and a 10-minute appointment that turned into an hour and 25 minutes and caused me to be terribly late for a business meeting.

They sent me home with a new phone with older software, so I had to upgrade, but a problem with the wrong phone number in the system. which just became a problem last May and was supposed to have been corrected last week, had me on the phone again last night with Apple Care.  When we finally got the software updated, we had problems getting the download to start... and when we DID get it started, it said it would take 17 hours to update! So once again I had no use of my iPhone for almost a full day while I waited for the backup.

But the backup didn't go through, so I had none of my data on my new phone all day and it was back to square one tonight -- four hours of square one - four more frustrating hours stolen from me trying to get a phone working which SHOULD have been working last December!

Really, Apple, this is NO WAY to run a business. It is INEXCUSABLE to make a customer jump through so many hoops for so many months and have them pay a higher carrier fee because you convince them to switch carriers and tell them over and over the problem is NOT the phone when the problem really IS the phone. Samsung Galaxy is looking better and better all the time. If I had not been a Mac user for 30 years I would have switched over to Samsung last January.

I have a couple of case workers looking at the situation, and we shall see where it goes from here, but I am pretty much over the iPhone at this point. There has been a worm in my Apple since I first got it, and I am about ready to toss the Apple out.