Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Groupon Earring "Deal" Looks Like False Advertising

 WARNING! Groupon deals may not always be as good as they seem! 

On May 18 a Groupon ad appeared on a Facebook page I was visiting for a pair of 14K Solid Gold French Lock Hoop Earrings at an extreme discount of about 80% off the normal $200 price making the beautiful earrings shown only $24.95. Wow! $200 earring for only $24.95??? I couldn't sign up fast enough so I became a Groupon customer on the spot just to get the earrings.

The earrings were 12mm which I assumed was diameter from the picture where the French lock shown was proportionately smaller than the rest of the earring.

When I received the envelope from Groupon, I thought it was empty. I couldn't feel any lump or bump at all. I tore it open expecting to find nothing and shook the empty package just to make sure... and a tiny pair of earrings fell out, about the size of my pinkie fingernail more suited for a doll than a human! Perhaps these earrings do measure 12mm from end to end including the lock, but this is not what was shown in the picture.

I brought the original photo back up on my computer and took a photograph of one of my earrings suspended right next to the original photos for proportion and comparison. See any difference??? Notice how proportionate the lock mechanism is in the original and how it dominates the tiny, itty-bitty earring I got. Look at the diameter of the earring body in comparison to the lock.

Did they take the original photo under a microscope? I had to wonder how they captured the gleaming curves and thickness of the gold without some kind of lens enhancement, but nothing explains why the two earrings look so different except this. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME EARRINGS.

I would have done better buying these 24 karat gold hoop earrings from Amazon for $25 or $30.

It appears to be false advertising or bait and switch on the part of Groupon to replace the beautiful $200 earrings advertised in the photo with the tiny pair dominated by the lock mechanism they sold for the "reduced" price of $24.95. The earrings I received were NEVER worth anywhere near $200. NOT EVER.

To add insult to injury, I was not able to get the Groupon "Help Wizard" to work to contact Groupon, so I spent 1/2 hour in a chat session with "Jade" who kept telling me to hold on for a couple of minutes while she researched my order. After a wasted 1/2 hour, I got tired of the run around and ended the chat session. I haven't felt this much like a sucker since the Snapple incident!

Groupon, you are going to have to do better than this. Your deal was a rip off and your customer service stinks. Instead of playing with "Banana Bunkers" and selling condoms with holes,  perhaps it is time to focus on quality products and customer service again.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bellevue Sears to close in 2015, headed to liquidation sources say - Examiner

As a former Sears associate, I was so sad to hear from some of my friends who are still employed at the Bellevue store that the announcement was made that the store would be closing soon.

With recent news of the redevelopment plans for the old Bellevue Center mall finally moving forward, and news about the apartment complex and stores like Sprouts Farmers Market confirmed to be a part of the redevelopment project (bizjournals.com), it is not unexpected to hear that the Sears Autocenter is closing on June 12 (see "What is going on with the Bellevue mall?"). Now store employees say the Sears anchor store which held on for so many years after the rest of the mall closed is heading to liquidation as the store makes plans to close its doors.

Read the story:  Bellevue Sears to close, headed to liquidation sources say

Friday, May 22, 2015

38th annual Bellevue Picnic packs Red Caboose Park, ends with a bang (photos) - Bellevue Community Examiner

This picnic-festival was a fun neighborhood event last weekend which Jack and I thoroughly enjoyed! More than 60 vendors, candidates, local businesses and food trucks filled Red Caboose Park and the adjoining parking lot of the Bellevue Community Center for the 2015 Bellevue Picnic. Presented by Nashville Christian School, the event featured many other sponsors.

Read more at: 38th annual Bellevue Picnic packs Red Caboose Park, ends with a bang (photos) - Nashville community | Examiner

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WannaBeatles rock Gordon Jewish Community Ctr. with Fab Four faves (photos) - Examiner

The WannaBeatles performed at a free concert Weds. March 11 at the Gordon Jewish Community Center in West Nashville in the Bellevue area.

The tribute band played homage to their namesakes with two sets of Beatles hits, with hits from the early 60s followed by their psychedelic...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winter Storm Thor hammers Bellevue, Tenn. (photos)

Winter Storm Thor has been wreaking havoc across Nashville, dropping several inches of snow in the community of Bellevue again

Temperatures dropped from a balmy 64º on Weds. to the low 20s on Thurs. as sleet, freezing rain, and snow moved into Middle Tennessee. 

As they say, "If you don't like the weather in Nashville, just stick around for a couple of days!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice, ice baby: Bellevue coated by freezing rains as winter storm hits Nashville - Bellevue Community Examiner

winter storm warning remains in effect for middle Tennessee through
Tuesday morning after ice, sleet, snow and freezing rain moved through
the area Monday. The prediction was for up to 12 inches of snow, but
Bellevue somehow escaped that...

Article at:  Ice, ice baby: Bellevue coated by freezing rains as winter storm hits Nashville

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dental Woes: Falling Through the Cracks

I am quite annoyed. Those who were readers of this blog last year may recall my ongoing horrific experience throughout 2013 with Bellevue dentist Dr. Jamie Gross who tried to force a crown on that did not fit before finally taking a new impression and then forced the 2nd crown on although it didn't fit well either. The pain was terrible, and I think I was x-rayed SIX (6) times in ONE (1) sitting one of the times she kept trying to force the first crown on.

Following that, I developed consistent pain that she addressed by filing and more filing as well as not seeing me on a couple of occasions. 4 months later it turned out I had had a serious infection from around the time she started trying to force that crown on me which finally bored through the tooth, root, bone and tissue and started expelling infection into my mouth. Dr. Gross was not able to do a root canal and told me I needed to go get one. 

I owed Dr. Gross somewhere around $1400 at the time for the crown and a couple of cavities and was still paying off flood debt so I had to go through Interfaith Dental Clinic who referred me to Endodontic Associates who performed the root canal on Feb. 11, 2014.

The crown came off last week, and I contacted Dr. Freeman at Endodontic Associates on Jan. 13 since I had a follow-up visit scheduled with him on Jan. 20. Dr. Freeman referred me back to Interfaith since he didn't do the original crown and he canceled our appointment. At that point the crown just needed to be re-attached and I had pushed it back in place. However, it came off again while I was chewing a couple of days ago, and this time it broke.

On Jan. 14, Interfaith set the appointment for 6 pm tonight, but when I got there, they said the crown did not fall under their emergency plan and that they weren't responsible. So, Dr. Freeman isn't responsible, Interfaith isn't responsible, and it took months to pay Dr. Jamie Gross for the terrible job she did on the LAST crown. I am sure not going back to HER. So, I am at square 1 again after all that trouble. And.Very.Frustrated.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Birthdays Of Christian Artists - Month By Month List of Gospel Music Birthdays

MercyMe and me photo property of Kathryn Darden

Do you enjoy Christian or gospel music? You may have and not known it as artists like Sixpence None the Richer, Mercy Me, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Jars of Clay, Vince Gill, Pat Boone, Sir Cliff Richard and others have had their songs featured  on Top 10 Pop lists and other music lists for several decades. Have you ever wondered when your favorite gospel artist was born? Find out when your favorite Christian artists celebrates his or her birthday here!

So, when do your favorite gospel artists celebrate their birthdays? There is no need to wonder any more!   Features Matthew West, Jeremy Camp, Kirk Franklin, Elvis Presley, Todd Agnew, Michael English, Michael Tait, Chris Tomlin, Bebo Norman, Sandy Patti, Kevin Max, BeBe Winans, Michael W. Smith, CeCe Winans, Toby Mac, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Natalie Grant and more.

January birthdays of gospel artists include: Jeremy Camp, Kirk Franklin, Nichole Nordeman, Elvis Presley, Nicole C Mullen, Matt Odmark, Rachael Lampa, Dolly Parton and many more. Ful llist at: What gospel artists were born in January? Jeremy Camp, Kirk Franklin, Phil Joel, Elvis Presley...

February birthdays of Christian artists include: George Beverly Shea, John Schlitt, Brian Littrell, Johnny Cash, Geoff Moore and many more. Complete list at: What gospel artists were born in February? Johnny Cash, John Schlitt, Brian Littrell, Geoff Moore

March gospel artist birthdays include: Randy Stonehill, Marvin Winans, Todd Agnew, Tiffany Arbuckle, Bryan Duncan, Stacie Orrico, Grover Levy, Phil Keaggy and many more. Full list at What gospel artists were born in March? Randy Stonehill, Todd Agnew, Stacie Orrico, Denise Jones....

April gospel artist birthdays include: Matthew West, Tammy Trent, Michael English, Mark Stuart, Michael Card, Andrew Shirley, Jennifer Knapp and many others. Full list of April artist birthdays at: What gospel artists were born in April? Matthew West, Michael English, Mark Stuart, Al Green, more

May birthdays of gospel music artists include: Michael Tait, Chris Tomlin, Bebo Norman, Derek Webb, Tonex and many others. Find more May birthdays at: What gospel artists were born in May? Michael Tait, Chris Tomlin, Bebo Norman, Derek Webb, more

June birthdays of Christian artists include: Andy Griffith, Pat Boone, Cindy Morgan, Nicole C. Mullen, Chris Rice and more. List of artist birthdays at: What gospel artists were born in June? Andy Griffith, Chris Rice, Pat Boone, more

July gospel artist birthdays include: Andraé Crouch, Sheila Walsh, Larnelle Harris, Sandy Patti, Ricky Skaggs, Rebecca St. James and more! Full birthday list at: What gospel artists were born in July? Rebecca St. James, Sandy Patti, Dino...

August birthdays of Christian artists include: Kevin Max, Gary Chapman, Michael O'Brien, Yolanda Adams and more. Full list at:  What gospel artists were born in August? Kevin Max, Yolanda Adams, Gary Chapman...

September birthdays of gospel artists include: Darlene Zschech, Crystal Lewis, BeBe Winans, Mark Schultz and more. Details at: What gospel artists were born in September? Darlene Zschech, Mark Hall, more

October birthdays of Christian artists include: Michael W. Smith, CeCe Winans, Toby Mac, Jaci Velasquez, Mandisa,  Rich Mullins, Sir Cliff Richard (October 14,1940) and more. What gospel artists were born in October? Michael W. Smith, Mandisa, TobyMac, CeCe Winans, more

November birthdays of gospel artists include: Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michelle Tumes, Donnie McClurkin, Dallas Holm and more. Complete list at: What gospel artists were born in November? Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michelle Tumes, more

December birthdays of Christian artists include: Natalie Grant, Bart Millard, Mac Powell, Kim Hill and more. Full list at: What gospel artists were born in December? Natalie Grant, Bart Millard, Mac Powell, Kim Hill, more.

If you know someone who is celebrating a birthday, why not forward their birthday month link to them? While links are appreciated, please do not copy my lists.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Black Friday Becomes Bless Friday | Christian Activities

Since 2010, Houston area churches have provided an alternative to frenzied Christmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. 

article at Black Friday Becomes Bless Friday | Christian Activities