Friday, June 26, 2009

Digital TV Blues

I am so frustrated with the converter box issue, and after the scare when I went to the park and the tornado sirens went off while the dogs and I were there, I made the ill-advised decision to purchase a digital TV set today. I will start with the positive - it works better than the converter box, but the negatives are lengthy:

1. I had to buy my new digital television on credit
2. I had to also purchase a new antenna
3. It looks like I don't get any signal at all for most of the day
4. In the early evening I start to get a broken, pixilated image off and on which is very difficult to try to watch and even harder to listen to
5. I can get some signal later at night but it is still choppy and isn't reliable.
6. I only get one channel, just like before with my old analog TV.

So, I am still without reliable television reception, and now I have spent money on a new TV I should have applied to home repair or health issues. However, I did get to watch some of the Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson coverage tonight, so that's better than I would have done with that useless converter box!

That's my update. A fool and her money are soon parted... Boy, I miss my dependable analog TV set.

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According to a report released June 7 by Nielsen, as of June 12, 2009 2.8 million Americans are now without television while unemployment rates rise simultaneously.

I own not one but two Magnavox DTV Digital to Analog Converter boxes which I will probably be stuck with since Magnavox won't stand behind their product.

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