Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dog Piling - Liberal & Conservative Attack Cliques from a Christian Perspective

On some of the Christian music and other discussion boards that I moderate, I have ruffled some feathers in the past by asking people not to post about politics or to post mocking or mean-spirited comments about those with opposing viewpoints. While I have taken some flack for this in the past, the "no political posts policy" is to prevent the kind of mean-spirited discussions I see on other boards.

"What I don't like about Christians"

For instance, a few months ago on a writer's board someone posted "What I don't like about the Christians at my workplace" which turned into an attack on Christians and an apology by other Christians for those naughty Christians who supposedly did non PC things. Later another person posted asking why Christians are so judgmental. I stayed out of discussion #1, but by discussion #2, I waded in by quoting some of the judgmental and mean spirited comments made about Christians in the first post. I was labeled a religious nut by a clique of liberals, led by their wiccan high priestess, who frequently dog pile conservative and/or Christian posts on the writers forum and on Facebook.

Sean Hannity & the Darths

On the other hand, when I used to visit the Sean Hannity board, I saw conservatives do the same thing. I haven't visited the board in years, but back then the key conservative posters were called "Darths" and swooped in to attack any liberal post from the safety of the Darth cave where they planned their dog-pile attacks.

Conservatives & Liberals Both Guilty

Because I post on writer boards at several sites, and make occasional posts about Christianity, morals and traditional values, I am frequently attacked by the left. Several of my articles about gospel music have even been attacked by vicious comments aimed at "stupid" or ******* Christians. However, conservatives can be almost as bad. On the old Hannity board, when I stood up for any liberal's right to make a point without being attacked, I was frequently attacked by conservative Darths. While I have seen and been the victim of equal amounts of dog piling from both sides, I will say I have seen much more cursing and name calling from the left.

A Rude & Vicious Online Society

I hate the cowardice, baiting and mockery of the dog pile/clique mentality whether from conservatives or liberals. It is frequently made worse by the anonymity of avatars and fake names. We can say just about whatever we want publicly from the privacy of our computers. It has turned us into a very rude and frequently verbally vicious internet society.

What Would Jesus Do?

What would Jesus do? Would he turn the other cheek or confront the Pharisees? I think he would do both. Those Christians who just can't apologize enough for being Christians and who try to placate and cater to the mob in the name of "turning the other cheek" are part of the problem. When "can't we all just get along?" means "can't we compromise our belief systems and find a nice New Age compromise that says everyone is right," I believe Jesus would be overturning some tables. Jesus never said "Blessed are the Placaters."

However, it is equally clear we are not to attack other side and start cutting off ears with our swords. Although it is hard to have a rational discussion with a rabid mob who deliberately misinterprets your motives and everything you say, Jesus faced the same problem 2000 years ago. He found the balance between turning the other cheek and overturning the tables, between being the lion and the lamb.

The point of balance between lion and lamb is the cross.

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