Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost in the New Age - Another Look at the 'Lost' Series Finale

If you are a "Lost" fan, you have probably read several stories, seen summaries and reviews on TV and heard countless references to the season finale on the radio. In an age where good family-friendly entertainment is increasingly hard to find on mainstream television,  "Lost" became my favorite modern show. Thankfully, after the forced Analog to Digital TV Conversion,  "Lost" was shown on the one channel I still receive sporadically -- ABC. Here are my thoughts on the show and the finale.

Lost - brilliant entertainment but just another New Age message
Lost grabbed my attention from the first episode with its intriguing premise: Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crashes on a mysterious island. A group of strangers is thrust together for survival. One is a fugitive. A monster lurked in the jungle. What was not to love?

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