Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013 - A Look Back

St. Patrick's Day was bittersweet this year as it was a year ago on March 16, 2012 that I lost my beloved dog Miss Katy. If anyone had told me I would ever miss a dog so much before Katy I would have laughed, but I still miss her an awful lot. However, little Jack has been as sweet and cuddly as can be, and it has helped to have his happy, warm, little fluffy body by my side. He really enjoyed trotting around wearing a St. Patrick's bow tie which made me laugh. Look how well he wears it!

Later I went to the small St. Patrick's Day Festival in downtown Nashville and then to dinner and the Gettys' St. Patrick's Day at the Ryman with a friend. The Gettys' show was quite wonderful, worshipful, Celtic, and more, but I was quickly succumbing to a bad allergy attack during the show. It's a testament to how good the show was that I enjoyed it as much as I did in spite of assorted unpleasant allergy-related symptoms.

You can find out more about the Gettys' Ryman St. Patrick's Day show here:

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