Monday, June 24, 2013

Nashvile Extra in Pics

For those who have somehow missed my numerous references to the show "Nashville" on ABC, I have been privileged to work on several episodes as an extra, starting with the pilot episode. Usually I am "Blur on Bridge" or "Blur in Audience" or more often "Dark Space Where Nothing Can Be Seen in Audience." However, twice I have actually seen myself on camera.

The first time I got some screen time was in a restaurant scene in "Chicago" (actually Sambuca in Nashville) where Watty and Rayna are talking about how Rayna should hire Scarlett. As the camera pans to Rayna's table, I can clearly be seen for a couple of seconds at a table near them.

The second time was at the "CMA Nominees Party" on board the General Jackson. While my face is not seen, the back of my head and neck and my side braid can be seen pretty clearly. My friend Sheila sent me this screen shot to prove it!

I can be spotted in the lower right-hand corner next to Christian singer Mary Kathryn (the tall blonde) and a woman with a shock of white hair. To my right and next to Ms. White Mane was Clare Bowen.

That's a good part of the fun of working as a paid extra besides earning a paycheck -- spotting yourself on camera! It is almost as much fun as meeting the cast members.

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