Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Micro-Needle Roller Returns Next Month

The return of the micro-needle roller 

One of the most exciting products I have sold the past three years as a skin care consultant for a leading dermatologist skincare line has been the micro-needle skin roller. It literally changes skin texture by rolling over the epidermis with tiny acupuncture needles.

This derma roller removes wrinkles, lines and light scarring while it makes skin look, feel and become younger and healthier. The procedure is painlessly done at home.

The roller was so successful, the FDA decided to re-examine it to see if it should be labeled as a medical device and the roller was voluntarily pulled while the FDA took another look. Now I am happy to announce the roller is coming back next month! 

Find it here in October!

Find out more at: The return of the micro-needle roller - National Skin Care Examiner

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