Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dental Woes: Falling Through the Cracks

I am quite annoyed. Those who were readers of this blog last year may recall my ongoing horrific experience throughout 2013 with Bellevue dentist Dr. Jamie Gross who tried to force a crown on that did not fit before finally taking a new impression and then forced the 2nd crown on although it didn't fit well either. The pain was terrible, and I think I was x-rayed SIX (6) times in ONE (1) sitting one of the times she kept trying to force the first crown on.

Following that, I developed consistent pain that she addressed by filing and more filing as well as not seeing me on a couple of occasions. 4 months later it turned out I had had a serious infection from around the time she started trying to force that crown on me which finally bored through the tooth, root, bone and tissue and started expelling infection into my mouth. Dr. Gross was not able to do a root canal and told me I needed to go get one. 

I owed Dr. Gross somewhere around $1400 at the time for the crown and a couple of cavities and was still paying off flood debt so I had to go through Interfaith Dental Clinic who referred me to Endodontic Associates who performed the root canal on Feb. 11, 2014.

The crown came off last week, and I contacted Dr. Freeman at Endodontic Associates on Jan. 13 since I had a follow-up visit scheduled with him on Jan. 20. Dr. Freeman referred me back to Interfaith since he didn't do the original crown and he canceled our appointment. At that point the crown just needed to be re-attached and I had pushed it back in place. However, it came off again while I was chewing a couple of days ago, and this time it broke.

On Jan. 14, Interfaith set the appointment for 6 pm tonight, but when I got there, they said the crown did not fall under their emergency plan and that they weren't responsible. So, Dr. Freeman isn't responsible, Interfaith isn't responsible, and it took months to pay Dr. Jamie Gross for the terrible job she did on the LAST crown. I am sure not going back to HER. So, I am at square 1 again after all that trouble. And.Very.Frustrated.

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