Monday, June 1, 2015

Father's Day Poems

Col. William Allen Darden

For Father's Day, why not give your father the gift of appreciation?

This collection of Father's Day poetry was written in honor of father's everywhere, but most especially, for my own father.

Father's Day Acrostic

Fathers are not appreciated
As much as they should be.
They toil at work and work at home
Hoping to meet out needs,
Each day beings new occasions --
Reasons for appreciation,
Showing thanks for his deeds.

Dad, I wish I could tell you this,
As I sit with m y memories --
You are so very dearly missed.

From: Father's Day Acrostic - a Father's Day Poem

Father's Day Haiku

How everlasting
Are the bonds between fathers
And their little girls.

May 11, 2009

Fathers & Daughters - a Father's Day Haiku Poem 

For Father's Day

For all the times I never told you thank you,
For all the times I ignored what you said,
For all the years I acted so indifferent,
I want to say how much I thank you, Dad.

These are the things I should have often told you,
But usually they were left unsaid;
Now these are words that weigh heavy upon me -
How much I want to say, I love you, Dad.

For all the times you reached and I rebuffed you,
For all the years I scoffed at things you said,
I want to say how much I miss my father,
And how I wish I could tell you now, Dad.


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