Monday, October 5, 2015

I have to brag on Apple tonight. After NINE MONTHS of calling Apple Care and going to the Genius Bar, and going through THREE PHONES and experiencing a lot of doubt from Apple that I was having all the problems I was saying I was having, they finally identified the problem as a bug in the first phone that transferred every time I backed up and restored my data. In other words, every time they gave me a new phone and told me to restore from my backup, the bug came along for the ride. So after losing so much time over this and peace of mind over this, Apple made it right.

Tonight Apple replaced my iPhone 6+ Gold with the new iPhone 6S Plus Gold with FOUR TIMES the storage of my original iPhone. This phone is just as thin but weighs more apparently due to sturdier components. I am very thankful and hopeful and optimistic this will be a wonderful solution and blessing.

Single women over 60 don't have a lot of power in this world, but single women who use social media to document an ongoing problem can sometimes prevail. And if you can get the right person at a big corporation to hear you, they will often do the right thing. Thank you Apple! I will make sure everyone I know is aware that you fixed the problem and stood behind your product.

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