Monday, December 21, 2015

Patriots For Economic Freedom Offends Conservatives with Spam Onslaught

Patriots For Economic Freedom - a federal political action committee has no shame. In their efforts to defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz they resort to a continuous spam technique that has conservative who really don't like Debbie equally offended by Joe Kaufman, the candidate
Patriots For Economic Freedom keeps pushing on us. Ignoring multiple requests to be removed from the list, the negative spammy messages keep filling up my inbox -- sometimes twice a day.

To make matters worse, most conservatives already know Schultz is a left-wing lacky, but instead of telling us anything substantial about Kaufman, the spammy messages just continue to tell us all the bad things about Debbie. Don't get me wrong -- I no longer want to know ANYTHING about Kaufman after the barrage of spam, but Patriots For Economic Freedom has certainly done NOTHING to earn votes for Kaufman.

I thought there were laws about adding people to lists without permission and not allowing them to unsubscribe from unwanted emails but perhaps those don't apply to political spam. Laws or no laws, the ethical and polite thing to do is to remove someone who requests it. If Joe Kaufman's campaign is already ignoring common sense and good manners, it does not bode well for him as a candidate.

Dear Patriots For Economic Freedom. If you do see this post, would you finally do me that favor I have requested politely several times now and REMOVE ME from your spam list?

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