Tuesday, April 11, 2017

MinecraftTribes – Designed by MCI Trends LLC --Coming Soon

Minecraft Tribes is a new mod coming soon for PvP players where building a civilization with your friends is as important as defending it from marauders. Experience PvP with a team that's a step up from Factions.
MinecraftTribes PvP allows you to put your creations to the test in a rigorous PvP environment. Whether you use walls, castles, or booby traps, the only rule is war.
Mining, building, architecture, farming, engineering, teamwork, and of course -- warfare -- are all important elements of  the new Tribes mod. Because of its emphasis on design, realism and planning, Minecraft Tribes should appeal to older players as well as young PvP enthusiasts of the uper-popular video game.

Designed by MCI Trends, Minecraft Tribes is coming soon. Beta Testers are needed now. Be one of the first to check it out before the new PvP mod is released.

More info on Minecraft Tribes at


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