Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Katy Perry’s Rejection of Her Childhood Faith Should Concern Bible-Believing Christians | Christian Activities

Katy Hudson, who adopted the stage name Katy Perry, recorded a contemporary Christian album in Nashville before her meteoric rise into pop stardom. Called simply "Katy Hudson," the debut project was a mix of Christian rock and contemporary Christian music and touched on themes of a teenager growing up as well as Hudson's faith in God. But somewhere along the way, Katy lost her faith. 

This article looks at Katy's background and her recent revelations on a public therapy session about her upbringing in a Christian home. At points Perry, who says she is trying to find herself as Katherine Hudson again, dissolved into tears as she made revelations about herself and her search for herself.

It is interesting to note that the therapist referred to "Katy Perry" as Katherine Hudson's "inner goddess." One has to wonder what kind of people are targeting Perry/Hudson, where they are trying to lead her and what they are trying to turn her into.

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