Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Top 8 Reasons Not to Date a Serious Gamer

True confession: I once dated a serious gamer. For over a year. He wanted to teach me to game. I wanted to show him the sights. So of course we spent most of our relationship in front of a monitor playing video games, or at least he did.

Eventually he and his gaming/computer lifestyle broke my heart.

In honor of that learning experience, here are my top eight reasons why you should avoid dating a serious gamer:

  • 1. If you date a serious gamer, you are going to get played.
  • 2. For a gamer, it's all about the controller.
  • 3. A gamer is always looking to exploit your weaknesses.
  • 4. A gamer may look like a really nice guy but you never know what's behind the avatar.
  • 5. You may think dating a gamer will be fun, but serious gamers always like to set the difficulty level to hard.
  • 6. While you are still learning the rules, a serious gamer already knows how to beat the game.
  • 7. You may think you are on the same team and learn too late your serious gamer prefers PvP.
  • 8. The risk of fall damage is potentially catastrophic when you learn a serious gamer loves AI more than you

If you have more reasons not to date a gamer, feel free to post them in the comments below.

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