Monday, August 21, 2017

2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Nashville Perfection in Detail | Christian Activities

Right after the total eclipse the sun came back out and the lighting crescents faced the other direction.

A rare natural phenomena took place in Nashville today when we were almost directly in the path of a solar eclipse, and certainly in its path enough to get the full effect.

A friend and I took Jack The Pap to Edwin Warner Park to observe the unusual sight and to enjoy things only seen during a solar eclipse.

Using the solar eclipse glasses kindly provided by Twice Daily, and wearing my new once-in-a-lifetime total eclipse t-shirt, we watched the moon slowly make its way across the sun until only the corona was visible. The sky got dim and then darkened as if we were in deep shade and the temperature dropped a few degrees.
Early during the eclipse, the lighting showed the sun with a small moon shadow on the right side.

What I had the most fun with besides glancing up at the sun through my special lenses was watching the phenomena of the shadow of the eclipse on the ground as seen through tree leaves.
Later during the eclipse, the light is from the small sliver of sun still visible.

The sky dimmed briefly before the small crescent of light from the sun came back to illuminate the sky

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