Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For Valentine's Day: Articles & Poems!

Maybe a little Valentine content would be timely right about now!

Valentines Articles:

Who was St Valentine? - the Legend of St. Valentine
Not much is known about the true origins of Valentines Day or who the real St. Valentine was.

The Single's Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day - Five ways to avoid feeling low and lonely on Valentine's Day

Top Ten Christian Love Songs - These are songs that were all recorded by artists who have recorded gospel albums. I have selected each song for the beauty of the music and the romance of the lyrics.

Gaylord Opryland Resort Provides Romance for Valentine's Day

All Men Are Not Pigs - Book Review for Single Women - Sussman encourages women to get to know themselves better as well as to understand male behavior, motivation, drive and subtle clues.

Valentines Poems:

Valentine - an Acrostic Poem

Carmine - A Haiku for Valentine's Day

Romance in Mayberry - A look at the romances of several Mayberry characters: Barney, Otis, Ernest T. & Warren

Valentine - A poem about three Mayberry couples for Valentine's Day

The Essence of Valentines - A poem for recalcitrant men

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