Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tennessee Renaissance Festival & Castle Gwynn

The 24th annual Tennessee Renaissance Festival is taking place in Arrington/Triune, Tennessee every weekend in May and on Memorial Day. While many Ren Fests have earned the reputation of being rather dark and occult, the Tennessee Renaissance Festival remains fairly family friendly. There are some occult elements in a few of the marketplace booths, and there is ale as well as some off sexual jesting at the Axel the Sot Show and the Washing Well Wenches, but if you avoid those, there is plenty f fun for the whole family: camel rides, jousting, food, music, shopping, live chess matches, pirates and lots of people in Renaissance costumes.

With your admission to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, you also get to tour Castle Gwynn. Castle Gwynn is the beautiful castle featured in Taylor Swift's "Love Story" video.

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