Monday, May 11, 2009

Tips for Tennesseee: Unemployment Claims, Food Stamps, Weekly Certification, Swine Flu

Here are some articles I hope will be helpful for folks who live in Tennessee:

Filing for Unemployment in Tennessee
The company where I have worked part time for many years is closing the store where I work, so I have had to take a crash course on unemployment. As part of my preparation, I recently attended a conference on filing for unemployment benefits in Tennessee. I have been making notes and have some tips to share with anyone facing unemployment in Tennessee.

How to File an Unemployment Claim in TennesseeSo, you've been laid off, down sized, or otherwise unemployed. Here are the phone numbers, web sites and other info you will need to file for unemployment in Tennessee. Facing unemployment is never a happy prospect, but with the right tools, filing an unemployment claim need not be as overwhelming as it otherwise

How to Fill Out Weekly Unemployment Certification Online in Tennessee
If you have recently been laid off or terminated from your job in Tennessee, you have know joined the growing ranks of unemployed workers in Tennessee. We have already covered How to File an Unemployment Claim in Tennessee in a previous article. Now we will discuss how to fill out your weekly unemployment claim online in Tennessee.

How to Apply for Food Stamps in Tennessee
As the economy continues to struggle, unemployment in the state of Tennessee remains high. If you are one of the many workers in Tennessee who have recently been laid off or lost a job, you may be eligible for the government-issued coupons known as Food Stamps which can be exchanged for food.

How to Find Free Insurance or Low-Cost Health Insurance in Tennessee
If you have lost your insurance due to layoff, unemployment, or other financial reasons, you will be glad to know there are numerous resources in Tennessee to help you find free or low-cost insurance. These 10 resources will help you find free or low-cost insurance in Tennessee. Find the links for free or low-cost insurance.

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