Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buying Iraqi Dinar - Scam or Safe Investment?

Buying Iraqi Dinar - Scam or Safe Investment?

Many People Are Investing Their Money in the Iraqi Dinar in Hopes the Devalued Currency Will Regain Its Value

Jim Cramer of Mad Money and CNBC have a couple of positive video clips out about the opportunity of buying Iraqi dinar, while Walter Updegrave, CNN/Money contributing columnist, calls it a "Stupid currency trick." In fact, it is difficult to find any financial expert who recommends buying dinar.

Read more about the debate over Iraqi dinar as well as what various financial experts say about investing in Iraqi dinar at: Buying Iraqi Dinar - Scam or Safe Investment? - Associated Content from Yahoo!

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Kathryn Darden said...

I had to remove two comments here from someone talking about how good the Iraqi dinar is as an investment. At the end of both of his posts, he linked to a website that sells the dinar. This is why many people believe the Iraqi dinar is a scam -- because the people who tell you what a great investment opportunity it is are the dinar dealers.