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Tips for Contractors: Top 10 Ways Not to Install Tile

Tips for Contractors: Top 10 Ways Not to Install Tile

While I am not an expert on tile, I just watched the Laurel & Hardy of contractors try to install tile in my kitchen following the dual whammy of the Nashville flood in May 2010 and a flood in my house in Oct. 2010, and I learned a thing or two about how NOT to install tile compliments of the subcontractors at Landmark Construction in Nashville, TN.
Places where the tile was too close for the grout

The company owner came out and helped oversee the removal and replacement of the poorly laid tile, but the results were still not professional. I am still waiting to see how the situation will resolve and will certainly blog the results, good or bad.

In the meantime, this article should help contractors and homeowners avoid some of the problems I experienced.

After the first corrections were made there were still a lot of problems
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More Problems with Contractors

This follows on the heels of Smith Construction in Nashville "installing" my trash compactor with no plug, putting in my sink and leaving a gummy glue mess all around the edges, and then carelessly tearing a hole in my brand-new kitchen floor. Owner Drew Smith then quit the job he had already been paid in advance for rather finishing the work and accepting responsibility for the damage he caused. In addition, instead of bringing his own rags, he helped himself to several white towels and washcloths without asking and ruined 4 towels and 3 washcloths I had BORROWED because my towels were still packed away!

But Wait! There's More! 

After Drew Smith took the money and ran, Randy at Destruct-All  ConstructAll showed up with Larry, Curly and Moe. They installed my toilet wrong, told me the dishwasher was ready to go when it had never been hooked up to the water supply which burned out the water pump, and then managed to almost set my house on fire by wiring the oven incorrectly causing it to begin smoking when I tried to set the clock. Then they said the appliances were all old and tried to get out of paying for the damage. I had to get Farmers Insurance involved and am happy to report everything but the oven has been taken care of as of the posting of this blog.

Single Women & Contractors

If it sounds like I have had an unusual run of bad luck with contractors, talk to the single women you know who don't have a brother, father or husband around when contractors and mechanics take them for a ride. I hear stories like these all the time from my single friends. Contractors do a careless, halfway job for women, and then when they would have to pay more to FIX their careless work than it would have cost to do it right the first time, they play the blame game and try to get out of fixing their mess.


Single Women & the Internet

And never forget, contractors, the internet brings us all a lot closer and gives single women a voice in the community we didn't have before to review your service, or lack thereof, and let not only our friends know,  but all our social networks know about whatever job or mess you leave behind.

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