Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Conservative Action Alerts: Obama Shuts Down Gibson Guitars of Tennessee

This sounds like something out of a novel, not real life. From Conservative Action Alerts: 

Armed agents from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Homeland Security raided Gibson Guitar corporate headquarters in Tennessee and four of their factories, and confiscated 24 pallets of Indian rosewood and ebony, as well as guitars (more than $500,000 in products) and computer files.

The raid cost Gibson more than $1 million in lost profits, because the company was forced to shut down production and send hundreds of workers home - after they were interrogated by Homeland Security.

Yet to this date, NO CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED. Obama's D of Justice is stalling and forcing Gibson Guitar out of business ... or at least, overseas.

Many have speculated that Obama is attacking Gibson because their CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, is a big contributor to Republican candidates...AND they operate non-union manufacturing plants.

This might sound far-fetched at first, until one learns that Gibson Guitar's top competitors -- who are unionized and big supporters of Obama - have not been raided, and they, too, import the same products from India. 

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Why Did Armed Federal Agents Shut Down Gibson Guitars?

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