Monday, February 6, 2012

Eric Roper of Landmark Construction in Nashville: PLEASE FINISH THE JOB

 This is my small mirror thumb-tacked to the wall of the small bathroom that has been without wallpaper and most fixtures for MONTHS which I am waiting for Eric Roper of Landmark Construction (who has been paid in advance) to get out here and finish the job.

I am still trying to get Eric Roper of Landmark Construction in Nashville to return phone messages and email, even though I see him on Gmail when I am on (because his chat icon turns green and I email him at those times: Jan. 30, Feb. 5). What do you do when a contractors isn't professional or courteous enough to return calls on a job he hasn't finished and was paid in advance to finish?  Perhaps posting a message on my blog will lend some weight to my attempts to communicate.

I find it hard to believe Eric Roper of Landmark Construction in Nashville is still dragging his heels on a job he was hired to do the summer of 2011 and paid a deposit on at the beginning of September 2011. His men showed up randomly and did careless work with sloppy short cuts and needless delays. It took much longer for Landmark's people to do work carelessly and then have to come back and try to fix it, but I do not understand the weeks, even months between times Landmark showed up. They dragged out what was a relatively small job for over half a year.

It has now been almost 3 weeks since the very small kitchen tile job was finally finished that Landmark's men originally did such a bad job on, as well as since Landmark tried to correct the issue of paint not matching on the stairs. The paint still doesn't match, and I am still missing the light cover for the LED lights as well as the light for the utility room, but other than that, the ONLY THING Landmark needs to finish was the very small half bath and some minor touch up.

I signed over the last check for $3,500 from Farmers to Landmark at the beginning of January, and it was my understanding that after Landmark was here in mid January to finish the tile job, they would be right back to finish this bathroom job they were paid an advance on September 5, 2011.

I told Landmark that Farmers canceled my insurance, and I cannot get new insurance until this claim is settled, so Landmark is knowingly leaving me in a situation when I cannot get home insurance with their needless delays. It almost seems like they might be using these delays as punishment for pointing out what a poor job the Landmark Construction team did on my tile that required doing over.

For a company that claims to pay attention to what "the Big Man Upstairs" thinks, Landmark Construction sure has a funny way of walking out their faith, leaving a retirement-aged woman with a back disability in this shape for months while they drag this job out, and knowing that their delays are delaying this claim being settled and preventing me from getting homeowner's protection.

Note to Landmark Construction: Please come back and finish the small job you were hired to do in July 2011, paid an advance up front to start on Sept, 5, 2011 and which you were paid to finish at the beginning of Jan. 2012, and still have not finished as of February 6, 2012. Landmark Construction has fallen into that growing category of contractors who have become known for their unreliability and unprofessionalism -- the kind they make fun of on TV sitcoms. Thankfully, for every Landmark Construction, Smith Construction and DestructAll out there, there are reputable companies and contractors like Wise Construction, the Lee Company and others that help redeem the construction/contractor industry.

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