Friday, December 23, 2011

Tile Update Dec. 23: More Problems with Tile

After posting photos yesterday,  I went in to look at my tile this morning before Eric Roper from Landmark Construction arrived. I pressed a place the looked a little off and discovered my tile pushed in much, much more than it should, Since it was next to a light fixture, I was able to peer behind the tile and discover a large section with NO DRYWALL behind it. I could reach part of my hand behind the tile from the fixture, and there was a large space of missing drywall several inches in both horizontally and vertically that I could feel, maybe even more space that I could not feel, with no drywall behind it.

I found several other places where I could push the tile way in as well as three different mat sections that seemed to have space behind them where all the tiles could be pushed in.

When I showed them to Eric at Landmark, he seemed surprised and said something to the effect that the drywall must have fallen away after they laid the tile, but I am hard pressed to figure out how space and missing drywall appeared behind the tiles after the tiles were put up.

Eric Roper at Landmark Construction says the drywall was not done properly by "the last contractor" who would be Drew Smith at Smith Construction. Landmark says Smith should have put a board up around the wall, I guess between the drywall panels. Landmark put pieces of boards up in the holes (damp lumber) - and said they would send someone out to drywall the three worst areas after Christmas.

However,I still don't know why such a major problem was not spotted BEFORE the tile went up or at the very least, during the tile installation. As my friend Sharon wrote on my Facebook wall: "Why did they not notice when they put tile up? Duh"

The last couple of shots in this video show what my kitchen looks like for Christmas 2011. Eric Roper's team at Landmark Construction in Nashville, TN, started laying the tile on November 3 or 4 (my 1st photo is dated Nov. 4 if you follow the links below). So, it will be about TWO MONTHS after Landmark's team started laying the tile before they get it finished IF they make it here right after Christmas and finish the work that week.

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