Thursday, December 1, 2011

Farmers Insurance & ServiceMaster - Two Companies That Fail Their Customers

My mother's vintage eyelet blouse, packed wet in a box of gardening tools and dirt by ServiceMaster

I am so tired of dealing with Farmers & ServiceMaster, and their cozy little relationship. They turned me over to a new women 2 weeks ago perportedly to help make progress with SM. She is supposed to be over their vendors. I think she must be an attorney, because all I am getting now is double talk designed to cover BOTH Farmers and SM's respective backsides. Here is my story:

After a washing machine hose broke in the night and flooded my house with water, I called ServiceMaster as soon as my adjuster gave me their name and phone number. Of course I called ServiceMaster -- FARMERS INSURANCE RECOMMENDED THEM.

Westmoreland china that belonged to my aunt and antique pottery my mother brought back from Greece in the 1940s

SM showed up over 24 hours after I called them even though they were supposed to come in the 1st 4 hours; broke a toilet and sink; ruined my kitchen cabinets and microwave during pack out; showed up with 2 large moving trucks full of boxes on a day they were supposed to bring about 30 boxes; lost my clothes and swore they never packed them; packed straw hats at the bottom of boxes full of heavy goods; piled boxes too high on dollies with the fragile ones either on the bottom getting crushed or on the top falling off; treated my ornamental storage boxes like they were heavy packing boxes and crushed them by piling heavy packing boxes on top; played around with my possessions as they unpacked them; broke wheels and legs off furniture as they were bringing it in; one doofus flipped a glass-top table upside down with artifacts inside just to show off by carrying it in on his head; stepped all over the antique tiger skin my father shot in India in the 1950s after I told them not to step on it and frequently walked into the head so that one-by-one all the whiskers were knocked off; packed heavy stuff on top of fragile pottery and china which was often left unwrapped and unprotected; ruined valuable art and fragile wall hangings by cramming them unwrapped into boxes; brought my good silver back with goo and corrosion on it; broke family heirloom antiques with their carelessness; brought an ionic breeze air filer back with bird poop on it; took photos of damaged items as I unpacked them;  denied they broke anything; and then manipulated and tricked me into signing a form I was told was to receive my items back.
Antique silver of my mother's that came back from ServiceMaster covered in goo, corroded and with mildewed boxes
I notified Farmers every time Service Dis-ServiceMaster brought an item back damaged. I took photos. I documented. However, Farmers kept telling me I had to work it out with SM.

 It is really wearing me down physically, emotionally and mentally. Farmers and Dis-ServiceMaster have together put me in a no-win situation.

My washing machine came back from ServiceMaster with leaves and trash in it!
Barbara at Farmers won't answer any of my questions directly with yes or no answers. Here is an example, "I have not yet determined that items yet to be delivered were considered to be released from liability at this point in time." She wants to schedule a big 3-day pack-in event where the last of my good are brought back, they stand around and watch me unpack every box right in front of them -- sort of like before when I unpacked boxes in front of ServiceMaster and they took photos and then claimed they weren't liable.

Although not ruined, you can see my nice Armandale pewter was never even wiped off by ServiceMaster before they tossed it damp and unwrapped in boxes. It came back scratched and with spots of the white drywall/water mix that resulted from the water damage

The 3-day circus of unpacking is stressful, especially since my little dog is ill and this will stress her out more than it does me, and it sure won't be good for my back problems, but here's the kicker. SM and Farmers are saying they WILL NOT be liable for anything I unpacked before, and they won't tell me if they will be liable for the things I unpack in front of them, because just this week SM began claiming -- are you ready -- they are claiming I made them pack broken items and refused to let them discard anything, so all the broken and damaged furniture and antiques were broken BEFORE they packed them out!!! Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?

Barbara at Farmers is behaving as if this is totally acceptable and just "business as usual." My questions trying to get a straight answer about the purpose of the 3-day pack-in circus and how it will help ME have became so tiresome to her, she stopped answering my emails a couple of days ago and refuses to reply to my last 2 emails.
ServiceMaster pulled plastic over the large holes in my floor and took some of my own saran to wrap around it to "protect" my dog and me from falling in.

This is FARMER'S INSURANCE at work along with their cozy vendor sweethearts SERVICEMASTER. I paid Farmers Insurance premiums on my house for FIFTEEN YEARS. Hey, Barbara, Michael and Jody -- that means I helped pay your salaries.

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