Thursday, December 22, 2011

Decking the Halls and Walls - Landmark Construction Is Finally HERE!

Eric Roper from Landmark Construction is finally here after 5 weeks of delay! As my readers may remember, I was left with no oven and a botched tile job as well as piles of tile, trash and debris in my kitchen when he stopped returning calls and never showed up after saying it would take 3 days to redo the tile. Now 5 weeks later, I won't have to look at this anymore!

 This is what my kitchen looks like 3 days before Christmas:

 Look at my festive snowy look! Don't be jealous!

Maybe they will also remove the dishwasher and hardware soon that they left sitting in my driveway for the past couple of months:

Nothing like having contractors working on a job a few days before Christmas which they should have completed before Thanksgiving, but at this point, I will take what I can get! I will definitely post the before and after photos to show how the tile looks after it is replaced as well as to document how long it takes to get this job finished and what my kitchen is left looking like at Christmas.

Happy Holidays!



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