Friday, March 2, 2012

Bad Storms Sweep Tennessee: High Winds & Hail in Bellevue

This has been a bad afternoon of storms in the Nashville area. A terrible storm cell passed over my Bellevue home. I could hear the high winds, the rain pelting the house and then an awful banging all around my house like someone was throwing rocks at my house. I have never heard anything like it before, although once I heard a storm pull siding off my house which was equally scary.

I stayed in my safe room with Miss Katy listening to all the noise until the storm passed, and then I watched the news, so it was about 15 minutes after the hail fell before I thought to go outside and look. There were quarter-sized round junks of ice all around my house and yard. It was almost 70º outside so I don't know if the hail lost any diameter due to melting during those 15 minutes, but it was still an impressive sight.

Author Kathryn Darden holds 3 quarter-sized junks of hail in her Bellevue yard
We were lucky in Bellevue. Tornadoes touched down in other places including neighboring Dickson. I am thankful to the protective Hand of Providence that we just got the hail and high winds.

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