Saturday, April 21, 2012

A New Puppy in the House

Thirty-six days after I lost my much beloved Miss Katy on March 16, I brought a new puppy home. I missed having a happy, bossy little dog trotting through the house, demanding attention (and treats), doing tricks, chasing me and and filling my life with laughter.

Three days after I first saw his photo, I brought him home with me. Yes, it will be inconvenient to train a new puppy, and I have already cleaned up one mess, but I miss every inconvenient moment I ever had with Katy and am looking forward to all the cleanups and coming home early to let the dog out. If this sweet little puppy is half the companion Miss Katy was, I will be truly blessed.

So far my other dog, Shelby, and my new rescue cat, Annabelle, have taken him in stride, and puppy just LOVES Shelby. I could tell that was when puppy felt at home, when he met Shelby.

I still miss my Katy, but it is so nice to have a warm, soft, fluffy puppy asleep in my lap again. He hasn't told me his name yet, but I figure I will know it in a few days.

I now understand why happily married men remarry so soon after their spouses die. A good companion is hard to find and can never be replaced, but it is too hard to go on alone after you have had a really good companion. You have to try again. Life is too hard without love and laughter.

Here's to Miss Katy, the sweetest, funniest and most gentle  dog that ever lived. I have already told this new puppy all about you, and I know he has caught your scent still in the house and in the Jeep. I will see your sweet and happy spirit in everything he does.



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