Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh, Deer!

Deer me! The deer in Nashville have grown plentiful and rather tame. There are quite a few that live in my neighborhood, which has plenty of trees for cover.
These are the deer I see frequently at Warner Park, who are so tame you can get pretty close to take their picture.

This little guy was walking past my window just now. Too bad I scared him when I moved the curtain to take the photo, because he was so close, it would have been a great back-yard wildlife shot.

I know it is good to thin the herds from time to time, and I am glad the Lord has provided venison as a food for us, but I must admit, although I never saw Bambi until 2011, I have always hated the thought of these beautiful creatures getting hunted and killed.


Bambi Diamond Edition Releases from Disney Vault on Blu-Ray/DVD March 1, 2011

Heaven & Nature Sing!

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