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Datawind Aakash & Ubislate Android Tablets Take the Money & Run


Why Ubislates and Datawind are NOT for Everyone


Bad Business: Datawind, Makers of Ubislate Tablets, Won't Respond to Customer Emails, Leaves Customers with no Recourse & No Tablets

 Datawind has achieved a degree of success selling cheap tablets, but there is one very important reason you might not want to order a tablet or phablet from the India-based company. Datawind does not respond to repeated messages about shipments that are never received.

On February 14, 2014 one of my business associates ordered two Datawind tablets and had one shipped to my address and one shipped to her address. Within a couple of weeks, she had received her Ubislate tablet, but as of April 2, I still have not received the other tablet.

By the beginning of March 2014 when my associate, Donna, had received her tablet but mine had not arrived, she sent a general inquiry to Datawind alerting them that one tablet had not yet arrived. She received no response.

On March 6, 2014 she sent her second email to Datawind and copied me on it, In this email she points out that since the company sent no tracking numbers, we have no way of tracking it on our end:

Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 4:44 PM

Dear Datawind,
ordered the $99.00 UBISLATE.  It was paid by AMEX.  It was to be
shipped to Kathryn Darden at 7921 Saddle Ridge Trace, Nashville TN
37221.  I ordered the UBISLATE&C+ on the same day.  I recieved on
2/18.  Kathryn has not recieved hertabl t from me.  Please advise.  I have not received any tracking numbers
or email from you regarding this shipment.  I look forward to hearing
from you.  This is my second email to you.  Donna
She again received no reply from Datawind, so on March 26, 2014, my business partner sent the company a third email:

Dear Datawind,

 I ordered a UbiSlate 7C +Free Internet on February 14, 2014.  See the

attached UbiSlate 7C that I purchased for $109.98.  My Visa invoice

attached shows this purchase.  It was to be shipped to my friend,

Kathryn Darden, at the following address:  (removed)

She never received her tablet.

I would greatly appreciate your investigating this purchase and

advising me as to when she can expect to receive shipment of the

UbiSlate 7C+ Free Internet for one year.



As of March 2, 2014, almost two months after she ordered the tablets, and almost exactly one month after she contacted the company the first time alerting them one tablet was missing, she still has received NO RESPONSE from Datawind. We have not even received tracking numbers after alerting the company the tablet has not arrived, so we have no proof it was ever sent.  This is bad business.

It does not matter that Datawind is located in India--they have phones, and they have email. Datawind is selling its products in the US, but it is not standing behind, nor are they even communicating with their customers.

If Datawind were located in the US, we would have some recourse, at least a compaint to the Better Business Bureau, but when a company is overseas and refuses to reply to messages about missing shipments, I am not sure what else Donna nad I can do except warn people:

Datawind, seller of the Ubislate tablet, does not stand behind its products. If your tablet does not arrive, Datawind will keep your money and not even answer your emails. 

Datawind - Business #Fail

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