Friday, April 4, 2014

Datawind Ubislate Android Tablets in India Takes 5 Weeks to Reply to Customers: Errors in Orders

Now that we have finally gotten your attention by blogging about the problems we are having with Datawind five weeks after we first alerted you there was a problem, I am looking at a message forwarded to me by my business partner Donna who ordered TWO (2) Ubislates on Feb. 14, 2014.

Since blogging has obviously worked much better than sending multiple emails in communicating with Datawind, here is my response.

We have told you repeatedly that one $79 Ubislate was to be sent to Brentwood, TN 37027, and one $99 Ubislate was to be sent to Nashville, TN 37221.

You have replied that you sent the $99 Ubislate to Brentwood where it was received. Here are the numerous problems with your statement:

1. My business partner Donna ordered TWO Ubislates.
2. Even by your own records, the $99 Ubislate was supposed to be delivered to Nashville 37221, yet you claim it was delivered to Brentwood 37027.
3. Donna ordered the $79 Ubislate to be sent to Brentwood. She received hers the end of February as we have told you repeatedly.
4. I never received the $99 Ubislate, which according to your own records was supposed to be shipped to my address in Nashville, TN 37221-1024. Do you not pay attention to the shipping address in your own records?
5. The tracking information you finally sent yesterday shows the the $99 Ubislate being delivered to the Billing Address in Brentwood, not the Shipping Address in Nashville. Donna received the $79 Ubislate at the Brentwood address, but the $99 one that was supposed to be shipped to Nashville, TN is STILL MISSING.

Where is the tracking info for the other Ubislate?

I could have researched it last month had you replied to Donna's three (3) previous emails with a tracking number or we could have cleared up your obvious confusion about what products were ordered and where they were supposed to be shipped...but you never replied to three emails sent over a five-week period. I have lost five weeks of time I could have been trying to track down the missing Ubislate, because Datawind NEVER BOTHERED TO ANSWER Donna's emails or provide us with a tracking number from the end of February until now. And now that you have finally answered--FIVE WEEKS after we first contacted you letting you know there was a missing Ubislate--the information you are sending is erroneous and incomplete.

WHERE IS MY $99 UBISLATE? I am going to keep blogging about this and will then do a more formal review for Then I will begin taking my message to Yelp, Top Reviewer, Seekeyt, and all the other sites I write for. This is extremely bad business and terrible customer support from Datawind.

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