Friday, August 15, 2014

Monkey Man Terrorizes Simians at India Railway Station

Lucknow Railway Station Hires a Monkey-Man to Control Local Monkeys: Sometimes Truth Really is Stranger Than Fiction

When I was a child, my father was stationed at the US Embassy in New Delhi, India, where we lived for three years. I have always been fascinated with India, so after I graduated from college and spent several years working in sales, I went back to India for a three-week tour. India is home to many strange things: snake charmers, sword-swallowers, wandering holy men, maimed beggars, and other oddities that can be a little overwhelming to Westerners.
However, my scariest moment came when I was opening a package of film to put in my camera, and a monkey attacked me, thinking the rattling sound was food. I wasn't injured except for a few small scrapes, as the monkey climbed me all the way to the top of my head where he grabbed the film out of my hand and took off. Monkeys are a problem in many parts of India; they are no longer afraid of humans, because they have learned that where humans are, there is also food. This has become a huge problem in many areas, leading to unusual solutions/

Monkey Man Terrorizes Simians at India Railway Station--Seekyt

One of the strangest stories in recent years has been the Monkey Man of
the Lucknow train station. At the Lucknow railway station in Charbagh,
India, the large monkey population had become such a nuisance that
railway officials were forced to take drastic measures to protect their
passengers and their property. Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar
Pradesh, the most populous state of India, and the busy Lucknow railway
station was home to thousands of pesky simians. The monkeys roamed the
large facility at will, damaging the station, ripping train seats, and
stealing food from the passengers.


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