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Why I Removed Myself from Angie's List & Requested a Full Refund

How Angie's List failed abysmally to live up to their hype.

A couple of months ago, I signed up for a 3-year subscription to Angie's List in the hopes of finding repairmen and contractors to help me finish repairs to my house, damaged after the Nashville Flood. I was hoping for a long-term relationship, hence the 3-year enrollment, because the Angie's List ads sounded like this would be a great option for an older single woman.

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I found the contractors on Angie's list no more reliable or professional and certainly no more reasonable than what I had found calling out of the phone book. However, what made me close my account and ask Angie's List to remove all my information was the disturbing experience I had with One Call Home Team and Angie's List's very minimal assistance in the matter.

After being talked over by a pushy woman on the phone who was trying to talk me into a "good faith estimate" which would not work for me and then being told it would cost $125 to get someone to come out and tell me what needed to be done and give me an estimate, I provided a brief, negative review on Angie's List. The woman I spoke with turned out to be Michelle Hall the wife of the owner of One Call Home Team, and instead of using the review to learn what customers want, she stalked me. No, REALLY, she requested friendship on Facebook, and when I accepted, she stalked and harassed me for several days on Facebook, posting photos of my home which she obtained from some unknown source along with long, vitriolic posts on my profile and two of my business pages. She also sent her ugly tirade to two of my email addresses, neither of which I had given her.


After the 2nd harassing post and 2nd email showed up, I contacted Angie's List to get help with a situation which was escalating as Michelle Hall was getting her friends to make comments on her harassing posts on my business pages. I also wondered how she had gotten my contact info since I never provided her with any and wondered if she obtained it from Angie's List.


I sent Angie's List screen shots of Michelle Hall's personal attacks, and my attempts to report her abuse to Facebook, which was when I discovered Angie's List provides contractors with your contact info, even if you don't use the contractor. I was told they had a team whose job was to assist victims of stalking and harassing, and I was told ANGIE'S LIST HAS HAD THAT PROBLEM BEFORE which is why they now have the team. I asked that somebody from that team reach out to me to help me handle the situation. I never received any advice. All Angie's List said they would do was notify Michelle Hall of One Call Home Team that stalking and harassing were illegal and against Angie's List terms of agreement and that if she did it again, One Call Home Team might lose the privilege of posting on Angie's List.


Because I spent a week trying to work though Angie's List, I felt like I had delayed too long to call the police and report the illegal stalking, harassing, and posting of photos of my private residence which Michelle Hall had by then removed, so Michelle Hall and One Call Home Team got off with a slap on the wrist. I didn't even get an apology from the company for Michelle Hall's harassment or the mental anguish and professional embarrassment it caused me.


I was told Angie's List policy is they will remove someone who is convicted of a crime after Michelle Hall took down all the evidence when Angie's List finally contacted her. Because of Angie's List inability to protect me as a consumer from attacks by one of their contractors who responded irrationally to a poor review and obtained my contact info from Angie's List; and because Angie's List never reached out to me with the advice I requested; and because Angie's List took several days and then only only slapped the wrist of a contractor who abused a consumer in such a public and harassing fashion; I terminated the 3-years agreement and asked that all my contact info be removed from the Angie's List records and that my money be refunded. Angie's List said they would comply.

The bottom line is hiring was certainly not a breeze, home improvement was not made easy and I was harassed and stalked for posting a negative review on Angie's List. I would never recommend Angie's List or One Call Home Team to any consumer who values their privacy or their safety.

Angie's List also opposes religious freedom.

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