Friday, September 25, 2015

Whirlpool Fails Again

Right before the Nashville flood my water heater went out and was still under warranty but Whirlpool would not replace it, so I went without hot water for a YEAR! It was a short in the thermostat system and the heater just would not heat. I boiled water like a frontier woman for a little over a year, because I knew Whirlpool was supposed to replace a defective heater that was still under warranty, and I didn't have the money to buy a new water heater after all my flood losses. 

Finally, after a year, Lowes was able to get Whirlpool to do the right thing. Well, that relatively new hot water heater is now spewing 2 gallons of hot water everywhere every couple of days although I keep releasing all the pressure at the pressure valve which I do every year anyway. Once again Whirlpool does not want to replace it although Lowes says that much water every other day indicates a defective heater, and once again I have turned to Lowe's to help me get results. So far I have been disappointed with everything I have purchased from Whirlpool/Kenmore in recent years where customer service fell by the wayside a long time ago....

Lowes, please work your magic for me again and consider carrying a new line of water heaters.

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