Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Home Depot Price Checker Can't Be Bothered to Check a Price, Calls Customer "Liar"

Home Depot offers customers the opportunity to write a public review of their recent experience and then after the customer takes the time to write the review, follows up to say they are "not quite ready to display store reviews."

Since Home Depot #0722 won't display my store review from last week, I will do it for them. This experience is another reason I prefer and recommend Lowe's:

Your opinion is very important to us and the Home Depot community. Thank you for taking time to provide feedback about your experience in our #0722 Nashville store. We are not quite ready to display store reviews on, however, we are working to build this functionality which will be ready soon. Once the new functionality is available, we will proudly display your feedback on the #0722 Nashville store page. In the meantime, we will share your review with the Store Operations Team. Thanks again!
Extremely Poor Experience
The store was fine, the cashiers were great, but one woman ruined what had been a pleasant shopping experience. I found a box of cushions marked $9.10 & added 1 to my cart. When I checked out, it rang at $16-something. The cashier got on the phone, had to come back to the cart, got some numbers, returned to the phone & finally came back saying we would have to wait for a price. 
Whoever was on the other end of the phone dropped the ball & never came, so people had to keep leaving our lane to go get in the other cashier's lane. Finally the cashier said we had waited long enough, marked the cushion $9.10 & I checked out, but I paused to talk to another woman for a few minutes. That's when PriceChecker finally showed up -- maybe 10-12 minuted after we called. She started interrogating the cashier, came over to my cart, checked the numbers on the cushion, went back to chewing out the cashier & I left. 
I came back 2 minutes later to get some mulch -- in time to hear PriceChecker telling the cashier I was LYING! I said, "I wasn't lying & I'll show you the box." PriceChecker had not checked the cushions yet, because there was the box, just as I described it. She pulled another cushion out & said, "THIS is the one for $9.10." I said, "Fine, I'll take that one. It looks just the same." The cashier was there & she said, "It IS the same cushion." 
 PriceChecker was very slow to respond to our call for pricing help, and when she finally made an appearance, she was unpleasant to both the cashier and the customer (me), unprofessional, and didn't check the marked pricing before calling me a liar in front of two cashiers! 
So when I went out to pick up my mulch, there was PriceChecker, waiting to check my receipt although there was someone else there to wait on me! She couldn't make it out to check a price for us, but she scuttled down post haste to the mulch section to make sure I didn't rob you blind of mulch in my small car! She made me feel like a criminal over a $9 cushion and a $2 bag of mulch.
Home Depot PriceChecker's attitude
 Why Home Depot allows one power-crazed associate to lord it over other cashiers and customers like she does I will never understand other than she puckers up for management, but she is single-handedly giving your store a black eye, no matter how nice everyone else is. I did not insist the cashier give me the cushion for $9.10 and I didn't berate her for how long it took for someone to do the price check. The cashier was simply trying to provide good customer service and clear her line. How hard would it have been for PriceChecker to check the display before she told the cashier I was LYING? If she wasn't going to check the price, how hard would it have been for her to have said, "Maybe the customer made a mistake" or "Maybe our signage is wrong" or "Thank you, Cashier for providing good customer service and taking care of it." 
But instead of doing HER job and providing the price check, PriceChecker acted like the cashier and I both did something wrong and was so grossly unprofessional as to say I was LYING. Thank goodness there is a Lowe's just down the road.

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