Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Camkix 4in1 Phone Lens Kit with Fisheye and Zoom Review

I ordered the Camkix 4in1 Phone Lens Kit on after seeing a clip-on zoom lens for camera phones advertised on Instagram with terrible reviews.  The Camkix 4in1 Phone Lens had better reviews on Amazon, so I decided to give it a try. This is my review of the kit.


The customer service I received from Camkix was outstanding after there was a problem with my first order. I received fast, polite, professional service and was completely satisfied with how they resolved the situation.

The concept is great.

The case is functional, with a place for the lenses to screw in which works well. It appears to be moderately sturdy. It slipped over my iPhone 6S like a glove.

The Camkix fisheye lens is of good quality and a lot of fun to use. See photo below.


The telephoto lens is not good It provides only moderately more zoom than the functionality of my iPhone camera does and the quality of the image is poor. See photos below.

Photo taken with basic iPhone lens

Photo taken with Camkix 4in1 Phone Telefoto Lens


I have not used the tripod yet but many other reviewers have indicated it is sub-standard. I forgot to test the wide angle lens which has to be unscrewed from the fish eye lens to be used. I don't like to have to unscrew two small lenses to use the wide angle.

The price for the three camera lenses, case and tripod was $38 plus free shipping on Amazon. I don't think I will use the telefoto lens much at all, but I do like the fisheye lens and look forward to testing the inconvenient wide angle lens and the tripod.

Overall I am moderately happy with my purchase and don't feel like it was a waste of my money.
Find the Camkix 4in1 Phone Lens Kit here.

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