Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remembering Michael Jackson Who Died on This Date in 2009

A look back at the events surrounding Michael Jackson's death in June of 2009

Profile: Michael Jackson King of Pop Dead at 50

Michael Jackson died two years ago today

Michael Jackson's gospel music ties

The king of pop Michael Jackson died today at age 50. Known around the world for his music and his scandals, Jackson suffered a heart attack at his home in Los Angeles

Did Michael Jackson become a Christian right before he died?

Rumors are flying that pop superstar Michael Jackson became a Christian the day or week before he died on June 25. 

Did Michael Jackson Become a Christian Before His Death in 2009?

The rumors started circulating shortly after Michael Jackson passed away on June 25 - Michael Jackson had become a Christian right before he died. This is an overview of the life and death of pop star Michael Jackson.
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