Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dragons, Causes, Facebook Chain Status Posts & Slacktivsm

The Trouble with Dragons

I got a good chuckle when one of my Facebook friends recently posted a silly status update post about dragons, problems with dragons, and why we should all copy and repost her Facebook status update if we have ever had problems with, or know someone who has had problems with, or even been killed by bothersome dragons.  Aren't most of us just a little weary of these constant requests to repost some chain Facebook status post about this cause or that, as if reposting somehow shows that you really,  REALLY care, and not posting indicates you are a complete loser somehow less concerned?

Facebook Chain Status Updates

I lost my mother to cancer, and my father (who served in the military) to Alzheimer's, and I love our military men and women, but just like I believe posting a cartoon does NOTHING to help endangered children, I think these ubiquitous Facebook requests to post chain status messages about various causes do nothing to help these causes. I have opted time and again to spare my friends the chain status messages about cancer, Alzheimer's and the military. Does that mean I loved or respected my mother, father or the military any less? NO!

Personal Messages, Links & Donations

Instead of reposting these chain messages, why not instead post a personal message about the causes you believe in with a link to the cause's website whenever they are on your heart  -- not a chain status post. Better yet, donate some money. A personal post means much more to your friends. A link might actually help drive traffic to the cause's website. Money might help fund research. But most people on Facebook have learned to ignore the constant status update requests for good reason.


A chain post is simply another form of peer pressure and following the crowd. It is, in a word, SLACKTIVISM, and slacktivism can hurt worthy causes by making us feel like we did something to help when we really didn't.

Prayers, Donations & Help

Believe me, if I get cancer or some other illness, I will want your prayers and your donations to cancer research, and maybe help paying my bills or driving me to and from the doctor, but I will not not feel any less loved and appreciated if you refrain from posting chain status update posts about my illness in my honor!

More Pesky Dragons

Oops. Gotta run. There are some pesky dragons causing trouble again and SOMEONE has to post a chain status post message on Facebook. How else will we ever get rid of the dragons and show our loved ones dealing with dragons that we really care?


Slacktivism -- What it is & Why it Hurts Worthy Causes & Charities


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