Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Rodan + Fields Business Really Is a Walk in the Park!


I was walking my dog with a friend last night at our local park (because exercise is great for your skin!), and the conversation  naturally turned to skin care. Women (and men) talk about skin, health, beauty and aging all the time, so it was an open door for me to share with her the difference the Rodan + Fields skin care products and business have made in my skin and in my life.
I know this single mother has been working extra hours at work, trying to save money  to provide her kids with a good life, and I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be if she could work those extra hours at home — WITH her kids rather than having to make arrangements for sitters. While she stays late at work, building someone else’s business, she could be at home building her own business, or building it walking in the park, like me!
Recently I have dealt with a very sick dog with separation anxiety who remained extremely fragile and near death for several weeks.  I am thankful I have a job that allowed me the flexibility to stay  at home and nurse her back to health while still earning an income.

If you have been thinking about earning a 2nd income, or if you are tired of working at your job, building a business for  someone else instead of investing in your own future, let me tell you about the advantages  of working in the skin-care business with Rodan + Fields, and how I can help you step-by-step build your own business.

Skin care industry booming with baby boomers from $20 billion to $114 billion

This is an opportunity for both men and women. The sales of anti-aging products that both men and women use are projected to increases from around $80 billion ($20 billion for skin care alone) in today’s market to more than $114 billion by 2015.

Rodan + Fields wins Direct Selling Association’s Excellence in Salesforce Award

Rodan + Fields has an award-winning business model that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to work for themselves. Through local meetings, conventions, webexes, teleconferences and other media,  Rodan + Fields offers multiple ongoing training opportunities designed to ensure success.

Rodan + Fields Anti-Age AMP MD Delivery System & Micro-Needle Roller Rave Reviews in Print, TV

If you would like more information on building a successful business at home in the booming anti-aging skin care market, with the support of the Rodan + Fields company behind you, contact me. I would be glad to tell you why beauty magazines keep praising the products and why the Rodan + Fields business has worked for me.
Find out why the Rodan + Fields business opportunity really is as easy as a walk in the park! Contact me today!

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