Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dog Dreams

I had the most lovely dream last night. I think this is the first time I have blogged about a dream, but this one was so nice, it made my day. If you have read my blog fairly regularly, you know I lost my beloved companion of 17 years, my sweet little papillon dog Miss Katy.

Her death was very hard for me to take. I had thought she was making such great progress and was lulled into a false sens of security by my vet, and distracted by almost losing my business website. I didn't take her little symptoms seriously and I lost her.

A month later, I got Jack, a little male papillon with bandit eyes. It was either that or go in for serious grief counseling. I have grown very fond of Jack who reminds me so much of my Katy, but is very much his own man. He has helped me heal, but 3 1/2 months after losing Katy, I still miss her terribly. 

Last night I dreamed Jack and I were back home at the house my father built in Brentwood, TN back when Brentwood was a cow town with one gas station, a hardware store, a drugstore and Nobles Retsaurant and Hotel. That is the house where I spent 7 years of my life - the longest I had lived in one location growing up and my parents lived there until they died. If any place is home to me, that house is.

So in my dream I had Jack there, and my family was in the background, not prominent in the dream but present. It was raining outside and through the sliding glass door of the family room I thought I saw a little dog. Jack was safe in his kennel (Jack doesn't have a kennel, this was strictly a dream kennel) so I went outside to see if it really was another dog. Sure enough, right on the edge of my mother's garden stood a little dog out in the drizzle. I brought her in and of course it was Katy. I took her to Jack's kennel and let Jack out so they could played together.

In the dream Katy was a "new" dog and had never grown sick or died. I was so happy to have two papillons and knew Katy belonged to me and that we were now all home. The dream left me with such peace, a peace which lingered most of the day.

This is the 3rd dream I have had of Katy. The night Katy died I had a similar dream of Katy and my cat of 20 years, Tiffy, running and playing in a beautiful meadow of flowers. It's a meadow I visited in Switzerland in 1977 and the prettiest field of flowers I have ever seen. The 2nd time I dreamed of her she was in the back of a silver SUV when I traveled with 2 friends to church on a snowy night. When we got out of the SUV, I tucked my red travel blanket around her to keep her warm.

I guess you can read all sorts of things into dreams and I typically don't try to interpret them, but in this case I think the message is clear -- Katy is safe, she is happy, she is warm... Katy is home.


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