Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

I welcomed 2014 with my brother and some friends. We started at Cancuns where 7 of us enjoyed the last night of 2013 over delicious Mexican food. Then Mike and I (and Jack of course) watched the ball drop on Times Square as the New Year dawned.

Today I worked at Toys R Us (where I learned to my dismay that I DON'T earn holiday pay on holidays) and then went over to Mike's house where he fixed black eyed peas and I cooked my new specialty, tortilla soup. It was a nice way to ring in the new year.

Things I hope to accomplish in 2014:

Get the last of the flood repairs done
Pay the last of the flood debts off
Get caught up on property taxes
Pay off my existing dental bills 
Get this infected tooth taken care of

Questions from Kim Thomas that I am adopting as part of my New Year's Resolutions:
Who can I encourage in their weakness?
Who can I encourage in their risk of love?
Who can I pray for to be seized by the affection of Christ?
Who can I help simply because it is a good thing to do?
Who can I encourage to rest in grace rather than strive in merit?
Who can I remind that pleasing ...God rather than people is a longer lasting fulfillment?
Who can I remind that in spite of their regrets, their salvation is secure?
Whose tears can I share?
Whose happiness can I join in?
Whose tears can I share?
Who can I encourage to work towards living in their giftings rather than striving?
Who can I say “Good Job!” to?
Wh can I remind that their mom or dad would have been proud of them?
Who can I tell that their children reflect that their parents love each other well?
Who might be watching me, to see if what I believe is true?
Who can I offer comfort to, out of the comfort with which Christ has comforted me?
Who can I encourage out of their lethargy?

Who can I forgive?
Who can I ask forgiveness from?
Who can I include?
Who can I offer to sit quietly with?
Who can I write a real letter to and thank them for their influence in my life?


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