Sunday, February 2, 2014

{PUB}licity Bar & Restaurant in Bellevue -- a Review

I visited a new restaurant in Bellevue this week called {PUB}licity. I went to support a friend who was playing their that night, but I ended up falling in love with their house salad! If I describe it, it sounds not to different from any other house salad but it was possibly the freshest and most delicious house salad I have ever eaten! The rest of the food menus was equally impressive.

I will definitely be going back since a lot of food items were marked (V) for vegetarian. While not a vegetarian, I like to eat healthy and a lot of vegetarian food is healthy.

I would give them 5 stars for the salad 5 stars for the menu and 5 stars for the overall experience.

Oh, and the music I went to hear was Newall and Sorrells, jazz and blues, every Tuesday at  {PUB}licity Bar and Restaurant in Bellevue.

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Eating healthy at (PUB)licity Restaurant & Bar in Bellevue

January 30, 2014
On Tuesday night, Jan. 28, I was invited to a small pub in Bellevue, (PUB)licity Restaurant & Bar, to hear live jazz music (Newell & Sorrells). I was not expecting much in the way of food from a place...

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