Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gray's Disposal Company in Nashville, TN Still Billing but Not Paying

Gray's Disposal Company in Nashville, Tenn.-- the company who hauled away my mother's antique cabinet and then promised me for NINE MONTHS "the check is in the mail"--has a "D" rating on the Better Business Bureau.

Gee, I wonder why? I turned my complaint in tonight to the BBB. I wonder if that will get them an "F" rating?

Edwin Gray of Gray's Disposal Company still has not paid me the rest of the money they owe, even though he once again promised me last week the check was going in the mail by Friday. It is Wednesday, and no check has arrive. However, they did have time to send me a bill... which runs through May 2014... for a service I canceled the end of 2013.

I wanted to cancel my "service" last May but I waited to cancel until the end of December, trying to work things out. I thought they would pay me right away like they promised! I thought it would be in my best interest to maintain a working relationship with them until I was paid! I was so wrong on both accounts. 

So tonight I added my complaint to the BBB files on Grays Disposal. I am guessing a company with a D rating doesn't really care about another complaint, but I told him I would do it if he didn't pay me, and while he continues to BILL me, he still hasn't paid me.



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