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Enchanted April on DVD - a Review

Enchanted April 1992 Award-Winning Romance Now on Dvd - a Review

Enchanted April is charming romantic film which was originally released to theaters in 1992. This an Academy Award-nominated film makes its DVD debut on May 5, 2009 from Miramax Films. Enchanted April will appeal to fans of movies like A Room with a View, and stars Josie Lawrence ("Eastenders"), Miranda Richardson (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Joan Plowright (The Spiderwick Chronicles), Polly Walker ("Cane"), Alfred Molina (Spiderman 2), and Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent (Best Supporting Actor, Iris, 2001).

Enchanted April is the story of Mrs Wilkins (Josie Lawrence) and Mrs. Arbuthnot (Miranda Richardson), two proper but unhappy Englishwomen. The two ladies decide to escape the dreariness of their lives in London by renting a beautiful castle in the Italian countryside for one month. Due to the expense, the two women advertise for two more women to join them to split cost. This is how four women with very little in common end up at a romantic coastal castle in Italy.

Mrs Arbuthnot and Mrs Wilkins are joined in Italy by elderly widow Mrs Fisher (Joan Plowright) and the beautiful but troubled Lady Caroline Dester (Polly Walker) who answer their ad. The four women meet at the castle with very little in common except the need for healing and change in their lives. The mismatched housemates find that the beautiful villa and lush Italian setting hold a special magic, and soon friendships begin to form as the four women reach out to each other, begin to heal, and move on with their lives.

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