Saturday, March 1, 2014

Russell Crowe's new 'Noah' movie to carry disclaimer - Gospel Music & Entertainment Examiner

Russell Crowe's new 'Noah' movie to carry disclaimer

The new blockbuster Hollywood movie "Noah" looks like a great film to me! Based upon the Genesis account of Noah and the Great Flood, the movie offers a stellar cast in a dramatic -- and TRUE -- end of the world disaster story based upon the Bible. But there have been complaints...

Honestly, the Christian community clamors 9rightfully) for more wholesome, faith-based movies from Hollywood, and when we finally get one, don't you know there is some group protesting it! Now Paramount and the National Religious Broadcasters have come up with a disclaimer for the new Russell Crowe movie so no one's knickers get in a wad.

You can read the story about the "Noah" disclaimer and how it came about at: Russell Crowe's new 'Noah' movie to carry disclaimer - Nashville Gospel Music & Entertainment Examiner.

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