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'Saving Grace' with Holly Hunter and Laura San Giacomo -- Season Two on Dvd

Holly Hunter, Wikimedia Commons

A Poor Decision on the Part of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Resulted in Only Two Review Episodes Being Offered of Season Two of "Saving Grace"

Holly Hunter is a fine actress, so when I was offered the opportunity to review "Saving Grace" - Season Two on DVD, I jumped at the chance. However, in an effort to save money, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment decided to only issue reviewers the last two episodes of "Saving Grace" - Season Two not the entire season on DVD. Really. That fact was mentioned in the promotional email, but it was hidden between the lines of hype.

Imagine if you will, being dropped into the second season of a show, not at the beginning of the season, but at the end. It is hard enough to come into a series at the BEGINNING of the 2nd season. Being dropped into "Saving Grace" - Season Two at the end for purposes of reviewing it makes no sense. Two episodes didn't provide any feel for the story line, the characters, or their back stories, and I wasn't engaged enough to try to piece it together.

Holly Hunter plays some kind of hard-drinking, dirty-mouthed law enforcement person. She was called "detective" in one scene. Laura San Giacomo (formerly of "Just Shoot Me") plays-perhaps--some kind of forensics examiner. They are apparently good friends. There is a nephew and his father -- I am not sure how they are related to Hunter's character. At first I thought the nephew was her son and his father was her former husband. I still don't know who the nephew's father is in relation to Hunter's character.

Another law enforcement person whose divorce becomes final at the end of season two of Saving Grace is apparently involved with Holly Hunter's character. Are they dating? Did they have an affair? Is that why he's divorced? I have no clue. Someone gets executed in the final episode, and all the characters seem to care about him -- but not me, because I don't have a clue who he is.

From what I later read about the series, it might have been one I could have enjoyed with it's plot lines of faith and redemption, but two episodes were not enough to uncover these plot line gems.

If Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment wants reviewers to write a series review of a television series on DVD, they better send the series, not just a couple of episodes -- especially not the last two episodes of the second season. My take on "Saving Grace" - Season Two is not based on enough viewing to be worthwhile, but my impression is of a show that equates all religions as one, that it does not uphold the sanctity of marriage, and where hard drinking and cussing are the standard. "Saving Grace" - Season Two came out on DVD June 16, 2009.

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