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Rumors Still Surround Michael Jackson After Death

Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009 from an apparent heart attack, but rumors continued to surround him after his death. This is a reprint of a 2009 article in honor of the 5th anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.

75_619742.jpg Michael Jackson, superstar and the king of pop, was known around the world for his music and his scandals. Jackson died June 25 from an apparent heart attack (see Michael Jackson King of Pop Dead at 50), but rumors continue to surround his death. Michael Jackson was found unconscious at his home in Los Angeles and was rushed by an ambulance to the UCLA Medical Centre. Jackson was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his home.

How Sick was Michael Jackson Before His Death?

Michael Jackson had been scheduled to play 50 sell-out shows at London's O2 Arena starting in July but Jackson had already had to postpone the first few nights of the tour. Jackson had apparently been ill up until his death. There is speculation now that Jackson's ill health caused the London show cancellations, although some associated with is upcoming tour claim he appeared to be in good shape. Rumors have Jackson suffering from any number of illnesses and on any number of drugs. A doctor was staying in Michael Jackson's house, but rumors are circulating about his qualifications as a physician and about what drugs he may or may not have given Jackson during the hours before his death. Michael's nurse and entourage were also being questioned.

What Will Happen To Michael Jackson's Children?
Other rumors and news stories are flying about who will get custody of Michael Jackson's children, Prince Michael, Paris-Michael and Prince Michael II. People whose names have appeared as candidates for custody of Michael Jackson's children seem to include: Debra Rowe - biological mother to Prince (I) and Paris; Katherine Jackson - Michael Jackson's mother; an unnamed surrogate mother - biological mother to Prince (II); Michael's sister - singer Janet Jackson and other Jackson siblings; the children's godfather; and singer Diana Ross. Although Jackson expressed his wishes that his mother become the children's guardian if he should die before her, the California courts will have the last say on who gets custody.

Did Michael Jackson Become a Christian Right Before He Died?
The latest rumors circulating about Michael Jackson concern comments made by Andraé and Sandra Crouch about some prayers and witnessing that occurred a few weeks before the singer passed away. Rumors began circulating about Michael Jackson's bedside conversion, and several websites posted the rumors as fact. But are the rumors true? While it is true Michael Jackson and gospel artist Andraé Crouch had a close relationship (see Michael Jackson's Gospel Music Ties), there is some doubt about the bedside conversion story. For more information, read Did Michael Jackson Become a Christian Right Before He Died?

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