Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Signature Lawn Care (Larry Steele), You're FIRED!

Jungle in my yard courtesy of Signature Lawn Care

Why You Don't Want to Use Signature Lawn Care in Nashville 

I have been a customer of Signature Lawn Care for many years with the understanding Larry Steel would contact me each spring to mow my yard. For almost a month, I have tried to reach Signature Lawn Care, but no one has bothered to return my calls.

Larry has always been bad about returning calls, especially for the first appointment each spring. Every fall I made sure he had me on his list for the following year and would call me when lawn mowing season started. Each year I had to call him over and over to get him to come out. Sometimes I had to call him multiple times through out the summer to keep him on schedule. He wasn't good about returning calls, and he wasn't always good about showing up.

However, 2014 has been the WORST year in Signature Lawn Care's abysmal history of lack of communication. Starting the 2nd week of April through the first week of May, I have called Larry Steele repeatedly, first asking when he would be out and then pleading with him to please come out and cut my yard because the weeds were getting so deep.

Steel never replied. He left no messages. His number never showed up on caller ID. His answering machine still said "Signature Lawn Care" each time I called, but Steels never had the professionalism to reply.

Almost a month went by before I made the hard decision to stop being a loyal customer. During this time, my yard grew out of hand, and when I talked to other services about cutting my yard, they said they would have to charge more to cut it the first time because Larry Steel and Signature Lawn Care left me with a terribly overgrown yard while I waited for them to come out.

Signature Lawn Care had me in a no-win situation: continue to be a loyal, long-term customer and keep waiting for Larry to call me back while the weeds got taller; pay someone else more to tackle my over-grown yard; or wait for Metro codes to come knocking on my door.

Since Signature Lawn Care is not returning calls, I don't know if there has been illness in the family, mechanical problems, extended vacation, or if the business closed but the answering machine message wasn't changed -- I don't know WHAT is going on.

What I do know is the telephone is clearly not working as a method of communication, and I don't have an email address for him. So, Larry Steele and Signature Lawn Care, if you ever check your name on Google, here's a message for you:

Today I found someone less expensive--and hopefully much more reliable--to cut my yard. You're fired.

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