Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to Square One!

It is like being back at square one again! Well, not really, but still....

I am still in the process of negotiating with a new publisher, but things are taking a bit longer than I anticipated, because I am having to reformat my text, side bars, and graphics in hopes of going with a slightly-smaller, less expensive book size.

And since I am having to go back in to reformat, why, of course I am going back in to the text as well, adding, tweaking and updating! I am not making any big changes, but if I can save a little on the cost per book, and make some small improvements to the text, I might as well take advantage of it! Reformatting it myself saves me the cost of hiring someone else to do my layout.

If I have done all this reformatting and decide NOT to go with the new publisher, I will be VERY ticked with myself. I am still not even sure I am going with them, because they need to see the book in its new, improved, tighter, reformatted state to tell me what the cost per book will be. I will let you know my final decision as well as the name of the publisher as soon as the decision is made, whether I go with them or not. Until then... back to reformatting!

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