Friday, August 15, 2008

Publishing Agreement Signed!

I signed a publishing deal today!

How to Promote Your Book on a Shoestring Budget, will be published by Darden & Associates through NovelMaker, and printed and distributed by NovelMaker. The reason Darden & Associates will show up as publisher is... I already had everything, including the ISBN number and bar code. Since the ISBN and bar code are registered to Darden & Associates, we remain the technical publishers. However, NovelMaker will do everything for me from printing to distribution, getting me on, and putting the book in their own book store, doing fulfillment, etc.

I am not having to pay a fee for a "publishing plan" where the publishing company charges me an arm and a leg for doing things I can do or already have done myself at a fraction of the cost, but I am getting the support, placement, and fulfillment I could not easily do on my own! And my books will cost slightly less per book to print, since they are a smaller size, so I will be able to offer a slightly lower price per book! I am a happy camper!

More details coming as we firm them up! WooHoo!

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