Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Christian Take on Twilight

I have been wanting to post about Twilight, the book by Stephenie Meyer and the upcoming movie, but I have not have time to put my thoughts down until challenged by a Twitter follower to respond to her blog. So, after typing a few thoughts there, I thought I would post those thoughts here and expand on them a little.

Twilight, the book by Mormon mom Meyer, is that rare phenomena - a sexy book about virtue, conscience, and good, old-fashioned morals and manners. If you enjoy old Bronte sisters and Jane Austin novels about brooding, noble, self-sacrificing heroes, this book is for you.

Edward is an unexpected delight, a superhero who COULD easily be a demonic villain but makes a conscious decision to put aside his powerful drives and urges to be a better being. Edward has been around for over 100 years, but he is forever 17 (and played in the upcoming movie by 22-year-old Rob Pattinson). He falls in love with Bella while battling his overwhelming urge to kill her and drink her scintillating blood which calls to him in a powerful way.

Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) is "Everywoman" - an average girl coming into her own, discovering her strengths and inner beauty through the eyes of the man, er, I mean VAMPIRE who loves her.

In Twilight one could easily substitute the words "drink her blood" and "change her into a vampire" with "have sex with her" and the end result would be the same -- Edward overcomes ALL his baser desires to protect Bella's life, her virtue, and her soul. Edward has learned a lesson few humans "get" anymore -- there are some things more precious than gratification. This book is truly about temptation and abstinence in all its forms.

It is also an action-packed thriller which should appeal to anyone who loves a good superhero as well as a ruthless villain.

Interesting note: According to www.whosdatedwho.com actor Pattinson lists his religion as Christian, and answers.yahoo.com/ indicates Pattinson once told an interviewer his favorite character in a book was Job.

I would love to get your comments on a Christian perspective to Twilight!

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